This is a logo I created for a client who wanted a mark to put on a t-shirt. It was very open ended and is basically a word that he created that could mean a variety of things. I really wanted to play with the randomness but still give the mark a modern and  graphic feel. I started with the version on the right, and ended with the version on the left, so the mark would show up better on fabric.


Family Portrait

For this commission, I was asked to create a family portrait. This started as a simple undertaking but quickly became more complex as the client wanted a huge amount of detail in the piece. The main specification was that he wanted all the members of the family on bikes, and doing something specific to themselves. The hardest part was figuring out the layout, because I didn’t want to cover any details, but I also did not want anything too spaced out. I settled with the top, more rectangular version, but also did a very long version, which I ended up preferring.


Weed Portrait

As you can see from the title, the client wanted this piece as a themed portrait to go on the wall in the living room of their house. The house is called the Mile High House and is notoriously a very cannabis friendly house. I chose to integrate the weed by creating a border to go around the figures to beckon back to a portrait inside a frame. I also chose to stylize the people a lot more because I wanted this to be a more silly, and fun piece over all.



For this piece, I was asked to create a birthday present. The client did not really know what she wanted, so I told her to send me a list of things she liked/was interested in. There were about five things on the list that she liked and she specified the girl’s nickname was Ceelo. I suggested doing a piece centered around the nickname that would include some of the things she liked. I chose a retro font for the name, called Ganache and decided to include a full body portrait of Travis Scott, her favorite musician, and some succulents, cactuses, and hydrangeas, all of which were things on the list.


Birthday Presents

These are two birthday presents I created for my Mom and Dad. I chose to do it almost as a wall, complete with “paintings” of some of their favorite things. This was a good way to include everything they like, but tie it together in a way that would not make it too random. I wanted these pieces to look cohesive so that they could be hung together, but not too cohesive in color because I still wanted them to beckon back to what the clients liked.

papis present.jpg
moms present.jpg