Project by: Emma Chiaravalli

Art Directed by: Sean McCabe

For this assignment, we were tasked with creating six tarot cards; three from the major arcana and three from the minor arcana. The six cards that we create had to have a theme but still reflect the meaning behind them. This was one project that required a lot of sketching and research because each tarot card has a really specific meaning and history.

First, I settled on the theme I wanted to do which was food. Then, I researched the cards I wanted to do. The major arcana was easier, and probably more fun, because they were more related to people and figures so they were easier to depict. I ended up choosing the Lovers, which represents relationships and choices, the Devil which represents being seduced by the material world and physical pleasures, and the Fool which represents new beginnings, having faith in the future and being inexperienced.

Then I began as I usually do with very loose sketches which I mostly use to block in what I want to have and where I want those things to be. I continued to draw each element separately in pen, scan them in, and place them together in photoshop where I also apply color.

Then I chose the cards I wanted to complete from the minor arcana. I ended up going with the Queen of Wands, which means nurturing, feminine, inwardly-focused and embracing personality, the Ace of Cups, which means beginnings in the area of the social and emotional in life, and finally, the Butcher, which represents strength. I went about the drawing process the same way with these.

I wanted the cards to have a sort of retro feel to them, so I created a border and some outlined vintage looking type in an off-white color to complete the look.



devil tarotpapiborder.jpg
fool tarot color.jpg
queen of wands.jpg
the lovers.jpg