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infinite possibilities

infinite possibilities

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“Nothing can be achieved without offerings and sacrifices. Spring nights when the air is light and smells of flowers, freshly cut grass, happiness and renewal.

Everything around you can come to a standstill and seem to float in thin air. It was very evening. When rebirth and a sense of inescapable strength are mixed with a sense of loss that doesn't know what lies ahead.

That indescribable color of spring, the color that passes through you and is fleeting without you, cannot notice it. It's a work that makes you think about who you are, what you want, and where you want to go.

That is "infinite possibilities". Infinite possibilities, something that flows quickly and escapes. And I try to grab them all right away without thinking too much. Without fear of failure or what people think of you. "Tomorrow is uncertain," but today it is. And living with the awareness that you've done everything possible to fulfill your passion is incomparable. Dream, work hard, and always participate. ”

oil the wood


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